Mr Peacock



Proudly designed in Akaroa and made in New Zealand 


Short Sleeve Shirts by Mr Peacock designed for men but wearable by anyone! Designed and made in New Zealand.

Long Sleeve Shirts by Mr Peacock designed for men but wearable by anyone! Designed and made in New Zealand.

Bold Dresses designed by Emma Manhart and made in New Zealand.

Tailored Wool Coats designed by Emma Manhart and made in New Zealand.

Gorgeous tailored Linen Jackets by Emma Manhart all made in New Zealand. 

Mr Peacock sale page is our discounted and end of run garments with limited sizes.

At Mr Peacock there are no limits to the bright colours and wild prints you can find yourself wearing. Here you can learn about why our lively clothes will help you embrace your Inner Peacock!

Our bright and colourful clothes are quality to last designed and made in Aotearoa New Zealand! Here you can learn about how we tailor Mr Peacock clothing to make you feel good.

Mr Peacock clothes are artfully designed in Akaroa and creatively crafted with a range of carefully chosen fabrics. Read all about the creative process and diverse inspiration behind our ethical clothing.

Our Story

Here at Mr Peacock we love encouraging people to dress with fun and boldness in clothes made ethically. In June 2017 fashion designer Emma Manhart and husband Mark Kolff made the move to the historic village of Akaroa on beautiful Banks Peninsula in the South Island of New Zealand to establish Mr Peacock. Since then they have been creating their own unique world of colour, style and fashion to share with everyone. Read more about Our Story or our LivelyTailoredCreativity.


Why buy Mr Peacock?

  • We are a Living Wage Employer
  • We design all our colourful and unique clothing in our Akaroa studio
  • We work with and support small-scale artisan makers across New Zealand Aotearoa to create clothes you'll love
  • Our clothes are beautifully handmade in quality fabrics, using NZ wool and organic fair trade cotton when we can
  • Our goal is to make every step in the garment production process environmentally sustainable.

Our Picks

Updated monthly, these gorgeous garments are the ones we can't get enough of.

Emma's Pick
Sunsmart Dress Side Pocket ' Cottage Rose'
Stop and smell the roses in this gorgeous garden of a dress. With a relaxed fit and long sleeves, you’ll be gliding through the days in vibrant style and total comfort. And it has pockets!

$235.00 NZD



Mark's Pick
Long Sleeve Shirt ‘Liberty Painted Love’
If there was ever a shirt to celebrate being bold and embrace every colour, it's this one. A true Mr Peacock statement piece in a great tailored fit;
I can’t go past it.

$225.00 NZD



Alethea's Pick
Le Akaroa Coat 'Cinnamon Spice'
Ever wanted to walk through life wrapped in a warm hug? Wear a bit of luxury and keep out the cold with this velvety wool coat. Pair with our Beach Dress ‘Sand & Sea’ for the perfectly balanced autumnal fit.

$595.00 NZD



Out and About in Mr Peacock

Check out our gallery of wonderful customers and team strutting their stuff to see more of the 'Mr Peacock' and 'Emma Manhart' labels out in the wild.
We love to see how people are wearing our clothes. Send us a photo to