Our bright and colourful clothes are designed for you to enjoy and move in for years

Our Fit

We understand that no two bodies or styles are the same so our garments have been designed for a diverse range of shapes and style choices. During our design process we tailor our funky clothes to fit you, not for you to fit the clothes, so that you look and feel good when you wear them. When a new garment is being designed in our Akaroa studio you know that we are creating something to celebrate every unique individual. Both our Emma Manhart and Mr Peacock labels create clothing that is designed to shine a light on your bold individuality, and we encourage you to get out there and celebrate being you. There is always comfort to be found in expressing yourself.

The cut and fit of all pieces - from our funky printed shirts to vibrant patterned dresses - are designed and crafted to make you feel good. Whether it is the shape, colour, or the pattern, wearing Mr Peacock and Emma Manhart clothing will bring out the brightest parts of you!


Our Making Process

Emma and Mark design colourful unique clothing in their Akaroa studio, and the beautifully handcrafted and funky ‘Mr Peacock’ and ‘Emma Manhart’ labels are manufactured by talented small-scale makers across Aotearoa New Zealand in Canterbury, Nelson, and Wellington. We do limited production runs so you know you will own one of only a few. New Zealand wool, and organic and fair-trade cotton are used where available, along with a quality selection of vibrant imported fabrics. Our shirt buttons are hand dyed in New Zealand and colour matched to each fabric design. A small exclusive range of textiles are printed with designs by Nelson based textile artist Mark Taylor.


The highly skilled Heath and Atish cutting our
Mr Peacock shirts in Wellington. 

Some of our fabulous makers...the lovely and talented Iona and Heath from Wellington. 

The fabulously skilled Teresa and Tom from Wellington, taken on a Mr Peacock recent visit to their workshop.